EduardoMorais Eduardo Morais

Documentarist. Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

With a degree on Sound and Image, Eduardo have debuted in the documentary paths with “Meio Metro de Pedra” ( about the portuguese rock’n’roll history since the late 50s to nowadays. An independent research work, which in its eight months of screenings over Portugal, was shown in more than fifty venues. Working on documentaries since, (All in Black and Film, about the band The Poppers / Música em Pó, about twelve record collectors), he was invited to direct and edit a movie about the being punk in Portugal to be stated with the investigation “Keep It Simple, Make It Fast”.

 JosePinheiroJosé F. Pinheiro

Film Director. Lisboa, Portugal

José F. Pinheiro’s work as a director has always been related to music. In the last 17 years, he created and directed more than two hundred music videos for dozens of Portuguese artists and bands, several music TV shows (Popoff, 1990-93; Top 25 RFM/TVI, 1994; Made in Portugal, 1994-96), documentaries (Madredeus, O Paraíso, 1997; Brava Dança, 2007) and video-concerts. Recently, he released his first documentary film Brava Dança, that more than a biography of Heróis do Mar is
truly the depiction of a whole generation.

marcosMarcos Farrajota

Researcher. Lisbon, Portugal

Marcos Farrajota has the punk in his eyes because he loves to watch the graphical aspects of punk fanzines and illustrations. He has the punk in his ears because he loves to listen to the Ramones, Mano Negra or Atari Teenage Riot. He has the punk in his hands because it’s an important and always present element of his comic strips. He has the punk in his head because he engages in several self-productions as the Chili Com Carne or the unpronounceable MMMNNNRRRG. And he’s considered the worst Portuguese designer, something he always remind us as a promotion tactic.

teresavTeresa Velasquez

Researcher. Porto, Portugal

Graduated psychologist from the University of Porto who has always been interested in the study of deviant behavior and drug/alcohol consumption. With a close relationship to the punk scene, Teresa is not only interested in developing research about it, but also in integrating it, and actually listening to it, as a spectator. The long lasting interest in the consumption of psychoactive substances, as well as matters related to corporality – for instance, body modification – and deviant behavior, has led her into studying the punk scene through these insights.



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