Angels with Dirty Faces

04 Notas Investigacao

Property: Pedro Coelho

Considering the development of the project tasks, we decided to organize the research in thematic and analytical lines. Each research line is hand-in-hand with the project objectives and is thought to be in line with the researchers possible interests and approaches, not having an holistic character. This set up is due to the following objectives: (1) reconfigure KISMIF, giving it its own identity, resulting from its appropriation by a plurality of researchers; (2) to guarantee a control of its development both as a whole and in its parts; (3) to allow for a larger effictiveness of the information sources and fieldwork data; (4) to allow a more clear and motivated involvement of the researchers; (5) to assure original and concrete results, essential to evaluate any research; (6) in short, to make possible a participated research project, with an interdisciplinary view.


1. Punk and social theory

Disciplinary fragmentation/ Disciplinary crossed-looks/ Cultural studies and subcultures

Neotribalism and musical scenes/ The search for an interpretative sociological paradigm of the youth cultures.


2. Punk, historicity and genealogy 

The constitution of punk in Portugal (1977-2015)/ Punk’s globalization and local scenes constitution/ Portuguese punk relations with UK and US/ A differentiated punk space: Portugal, Spain and Latin America/ Youth, punk, cosmopolitanism and resistance in Portugal – mid-1970s.


3. Punk, meanings and identities 

Punk, bands and lyrics/ Punk, styles, aesthetics/ Punk, underground and mainstream/ Resistence, revolt and protest/ World visions: political discourses/ Punk and media representations/ Designations and self-representations.


4. Punk, ageing and gender

Subcultural belongings and ageing/ Riot girrls and the closeness to the Portuguese reality/ Masculine dominance and resistance logics/ Youth, transition into adulthood and punk/ Punks and difference / distinction / ageing / intellectualism and punk/.


5. Punk, the city and new social movements 

Punk scenes and new social movements/ Right to the city and habitation claims/ Punk and urban policy/ Space, place and normalization of risk.


6. Paths, pathways and punk actors: the current scenes constitution 

DIY careers: professional and social paths/ Punk, style, aesthetics and corporality/ Punk, excesses, limits and deviation: drugs/ Punk and online social networks: facebook, blogs/ Events, programming and promotion.


7. Punk, heritage, memories and artefacts 

Labels and phonograms/ Punk memorabilia/ Retromania, record shops, collections and vinyl/ Fanzines, e-fanzines and media/ Illustration, Comics, graphics and design.