Tânia Moreira


Research scholarship

Marco de Canaveses, Portugal


University of Porto (UP). Faculty of Arts (FLUP). MA in Sociology.

University of Porto (UP). BA Hons (FLUP). in Sociology.


Current Occupation

Research scholarship of the project “Keep it simple, make it fast!”


Research Interests

Youth cultures, popular music, sociology of culture, sociology of art, sociology of music, sociology of youth, research methodology, cultural politics, DIY culture.


Keep it Simple, Make it Fast!

Portishead – Dummy (1994) | System of a Down – Steal This Album! (2002) | Moloko – Catalogue (2006) | Motornoise – Dokuga – Motornoise (2010)


KISMIF belonging

Being punk is … be part of this project!


Search for a theoretical, methodological and critical development, embodied in the search of a complex understanding on youth cultures.

Personal and scientific interest on punk culture as an important interpretive mechanism of youth identities and ways of life and their influence on social structure.

Motivation for the development of advanced training around the themes anchor of the project.


What do I get?

Punk and social theory.

Punk, ageing and gender.

Paths, pathways and punk actors: the actual scenes’ constitution.



GUERRA, Paula; MATOS, João; MOREIRA, Tânia; QUINTELA, Pedro – Keep it simple, make it fast! Punk scenes, a road to Portuguese contemporaneity (1977-2012), ESA 11th Conference: Crisis, Critique and Change, Turim (Itália), 28-31 August 2013. European Sociological Association.

GUERRA, Paula; ABREU, Paula; MATOS, João; MOREIRA, Tânia – Punk: context and interpretation in face of the portuguese reality, XI Congreso Español de Sociología, Madrid (Spain), 10-12 July 2013. Federação Espanhola de Sociologia.