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KISMIF’s research focus is on a conceptual approximation to the urban popular cultures, exploring the density of the social interactions and the diversification and acceleration of the forms of communication that are the main feature triggering either the hybrid or mixed cultural manifestations in which the punk manifestations play a role.

KISMIF advocates an articulation between the aesthetics/conception relation present on the artworks as a result of a singular, individual creation within a web of relations that the artefacts establish among them and the resources obtained by different social agents (creators, intermediaries and consumers).

As a strategy to apprehend the complexity and singularity of the punk phenomenon, KISMIF follows a wide array of extensive and intensive methodologies under a reflexive ethnography light. KISMIF research aims action. In a first level, our work is based on making interviews, collecting life histories, documental analysis and case studies, besides focal groups. The last step of the project will have us gather researchers and field agents in order to discuss and present the obtained results. The project’s corollary will translate into a documentary and into the creation of a digital platform about punk in Portugal.

One of the principles regarding KISMIF’s methodological orientation is the option for multiple field research strategies in order to embrace the multiple meanings and intentions of the social agents that, in a certain way, are (or were) involved in the Portuguese punk scene. Thus, one should expect that the direct involvement with the ethnographical research object enhances the empathy between the subject and the object. Given that punk is a transmediatic music phenomenon, special attention will be paid to the visual and ethnographic research methods.