Marcos Farrajota



Lisbon, Portugal



Moderna University. BA in Enterprise Management.


Current Occupation

Librarian in The Comics library of Lisbon / BLX / Lisbon Cityhall.


Research Interests

Punk related graphic aspects in fanzines, Illustration and Comix.


Keep it Simple, Make it Fast!

Ramones – It’s Alive (1979) | Mano Negra – Puta’s Fever (1989) | Atari Teenage Riot – Delete Yourself (1992)


KISMIF belonging

To make sure that comix and illustration will not be forgotten in this research!

Focus on the approach of the punk artistic and discursive production as contemporary identity frames.


What do I get?

Punk, heritage, memories and artifacts.

Punk, style, aesthetics and corporality.

Markets, borders, memorabilia and retromania.

Artistic creation and underground musical scenes.



FARRAJOTA, Marcos (2010) – Local talent. Chili Com Carne (Mercantologia; 4). BD.

FARRAJOTA, Marcos (2008) – Nights, Deprês & Bubas. Chili Com Carne (Mercantologia; 3). BD.

FARRAJOTA, Marcos (2007) – Komikazen: Cartografia dell’Europa a fumetti. Fuori Collana.

AA. VV. (2006) – The man who would draw on others’ heads. Oficina do Livro.

FARRAJOTA, Marcos (2003) – Salão Lisboa BD e Ilustração 2003. Bedeteca de Lisboa.

FARRAJOTA, Marcos (2000) – Today, the BD 1996/1999. Bedeteca de Lisboa.

FARRAJOTA, Marcos (1998) – It’s always too late. Bedeteca de Lisboa: Lx Comics. N.º 2. BD.