Manuel Loff



Porto, Portugal



European University Institute (Florence). Ph.D. in History e Civilization.

National Distance Education University (Madrid). MA in Iberian Contemporary History.

University of Porto (UP). Faculty of the Arts (FLUP). BA in History.


Current Occupation

Associated Professor. University of Porto (UP). Faculty of the Arts (FLUP).

Researcher at Institute of Contemporary History (IHC). Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL).

Head Researcher of the project “Estado e memória: políticas públicas da memória da ditadura portuguesa (1974-2009)”, (PTDC/HIS-HIS/121001/2010).


Research Interests

Comparative political history, contemporary history, Salazar, memory, Estado Novo.


Keep it Simple, Make it Fast!

Zeca Afonso – Cantigas do Maio (1971) | GNR – Independança (1982) | José Mário Branco – Mudam-se os tempos, mudam-se as vontades (1971)


KISMIF belonging

Looking for a current interpretive paradigm about the musical cultures urban youth.

Focus on contemporary history of youth subcultures.

Development of an international comparison regarding youth cultures and musical scenes in Southern Europe, particularly Portugal.


What do I get?

Punk and social theory.

Punk, historicity and genealogy.



LOFF, Manuel (2008) – Our century is fascista! The world as seen by Salazar and Franco (1936-1945). Prior Velho: Campo das Letras. ISBN 9789896252564.

PEREIRA, Maria da Conceição Meireles; LOFF, Manuel (2006) – Portugal: 30 years of democracy (1974-2004). Porto: Universidade do Porto. ISBN 9789728025472.

LOFF, Manuel (2007) – Marcelismo and the democratic rupture in the contexto of social change in Portugal in the years 1960 and 1970. Espacio, Tiempo y Forma, Serie V, Historia Contemporánea. Vol. 19, p. 145-184. ISSN 1130-0124.