João Queirós




Porto, Portugal


University of Porto (UP). Faculty of the Arts (FLUP). Ph.D. in Sociology (in progress).

University of Porto (UP). Faculty of the Arts (FLUP). BA in Sociology.


Current Occupation

Researcher. Institute of Sociology of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto (ISFLUP).


Research Interests

Urban and housing policies, social and class transformations, migration, identities, urban cultures, popular cultures, local and regional development.


Keep it Simple, Make it Fast!

RZA– Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (OST) (1999) | Cypress Hill – Skull & Bones (2000) | Expeão – O fim de todas as estradas (2013)


KISMIF belonging

Study of territorialized expression forms of the punk movement in Portugal.

Focus on the social and political mobilizations and modes of appropriation of the urban space by the social agents associated to the movement.


What do I get?

Punk, meanings and identities.

Punk, the city and new social movements.



QUEIRÓS, João (2013) – Residential precarity, daily life and relation with the State in the Porto’s historic centre in the transition from the dictatorship to democracy. Análise Social. Vol. XLVIII, n.º 206, p. 102-133. ISSN 0003-2573.

PEREIRA, Virgílio Borges; QUEIRÓS, João (2013) – Une maison pour le peuple portugais. Genèse et trajectoire d’un quartier du programme des «maisons économiques» à Porto (1938-1974). Politix. Vol. 26, n.º 101, p. 49-78. ISSN 0295-2319.

PEREIRA, Virgílio Borges; QUEIRÓS, João (2012) – In the little, modest town. Genesis and structuration of an economic houses neighbourhood of Porto (Amial, 1938-2010). Porto: Edições Afrontamento. ISBN 9723612755.

QUEIRÓS, João (2012) – Recent dynamics of the relation of the families with the school in urban materially and symbolically depreciated contexts: report of an approximation, in the field, from the professors point-of-view. Sensos. Vol. II, n.º 1, p. 59-78.

PEREIRA, Virgílio Borges; QUEIRÓS, João (2012) – State, housing and the «social question» in the city of Porto (1956-2006): an analysis on the making of doxa, orthodoxy and «alodoxia effects» in the (re)production of state housing policies. Social Sciences – Annual Trilingual Review of Social Research. N. º 1, p. 203-314.