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Note: All the sources are written in Portuguese, unless stated otherwise.

12/2014 – PARQ
Keep it Simple, Make it Fast

31/01/2014 – A Trompa
Keep it simple, make it fast! Underground music scenes and DIY cultures International Conference

31/01/2014 – Público (Ípsilon)
Indie ready-made

24/01/2014 – Blitz
All you wanted to know about punk in Portugal: meet Keep it Simple, Make it Fast! research project

21/06/2013 – JN
Sociologist considers punk “one of the ancestors of today’s inorganic movements”

21/06/2013 – Sapo Música
Augusto Santos Silva compares punk movement to street protests in Portugal, Turkey and Brasil

21/06/2013 – SIC Notícias
Augusto Santos Silva participates in academic research project about the Punk movement

21/06/2013 – TVI
Santos Silva: punk is the «historical ancestor» of today’s protest movements

20/06/2013 – P3
Punk in Portugal: study showcases the evolution of the movement

20/06/2013 – TSF
Punk movement up to discussion today in Porto

20/06/2013 – RTP
Specificities of Portuguese Punk are demonstrated in sociological study

20/06/2013 – Blitz
Punk made in Portugal: study enlists more than 600 bands since 1977

19/06/2013 – Visão
Punk in Portugal: study showcases the evolution of the movement

19/06/2013 – Sapo Música
Punk movement inspired 600 bands in Portugal

18/06/2013 – Público (column by Miguel Esteves Cardoso)
Long live Punk!

16/06/2013 – Porto 24
Punk is being studied in Porto University

16/06/2013 – Público
Punk made in Portugal is being researched by sociologist

15/06/2013 – msn notícias
Research about the Punk movement in Portugal is going to be debated in Porto