Ana Oliveira



Porto, Portugal


University of Porto (UP). Faculty of the Arts (FLUP). BA Hons. in Sociology.

BA Hons. in Sociology with the thesis:  Cultures Territory: design of an “emerging cultural cluster” in downtown Porto.


Current Occupation

Researcher at NGO TESE – Association for the Development.


Research Interests

Youth cultures, popular music, sociology of culture, sociology of art, sociology of music, identity and lifestyles, urban space appropriation.


Keep it Simple, Make it Fast!

The Clash (1977) – The Clash | The Velvet Underground (1967) – The Velvet Underground & Nico | Talking Heads (1978) – More Songs About Buildings and Food | The Cramps (1981) – Psychedelic Jungle | The Stranglers (1977) – No More Heroes


KISMIF belonging

Interest in the singularity of the punk culture and its importance in the interpretation of the contemporary youth cultures.

Importance of the countercultural dimension of punk and the challenge to the instituted.

Development of an imagetic, aesthetic approach to the youth cultures and punk.

Focus on the footprints of the punk in the urban space and in the collective representations.

Personal taste and identification with the musical genre.


What do I get?

Punk, the city and new social movements.

Paths, pathways and punk actors: the actual scenes’ constitution.

Punk, heritage, memories and artifacts.

Punk and social networks.

Punk, style, aesthetics and corporality.

Markets, borders, memorabilia and retromania.



GUERRA, Paula; OLIVEIRA, Ana (2011) – Cultural Studies: a review based on a guided course through the night paths of Porto and Lisbon between 2007 and 2009. II Congresso Internacional sobre Cidades, Culturas e Sociabilidades. Porto, 4 de junho de 2011. Porto: AGIR e Instituto de Sociologia da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto.

GUERRA, Paula; PINTO, Liliana; OLIVEIRA, Ana – The rock in the Summer festivals: an approximation to the Portuguese reality. VI Congresso Português de Sociologia. Lisboa, 25 a 28 de junho 2008. Lisboa: Associação Portuguesa de Sociologia.